Welcome to the God-filled adventure that could be yours with DNA!  Why not join the DNA family for a year of challenge and change?  A Christian Gap Year with a difference.  And for any age! Let your discipleship be the doorway to your dreams of fruitfulness for God!  Only changed lives change lives!

Many of our church, including some of our leadership team have completed a DNA Year of Discipleship. We can’t recommend it highly enough!

So, what is DNA

The DNA core values will give you a feel for the community that DNA creates.  We are church based.  We are Holy Spirit dependant.  We are a discipleship journey of head (understanding), hands (skills & gifts) and heart (character), with an overriding emphasis on the heart/character.  We are committed to women in leadership and ministry as to men.  We are about non-religious, relational Christianity.

Most years we have around 20-25 on DNA Year 1, usually about 50% male and 50% female.  And most years we’re joined by international trainees, which enrich our flavour.  The most common age of our trainees is 18-25, but every year sees trainees in their 30’s-60’s; there is no top limit!  Don’t let your age count you out – it is only a number!

Our curriculum covers an amazing array of current, challenging topics under 7 modules headed: Personal Discipleship; Biblical Studies; Foundational Theology; Evangelism; Church; Gender and Ethics; and Skills Development.  Enough to encourage and equip you to build foundations for life.

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