Number One Ferry Street

Having taken on the rental of No 63 Main Street and renovated it thanks to our amazing Caretakers Chris and Carole, we had a crazy idea…..

The betting shop next door shut down during Covid and once again we started to dream….what if we had that too! Both No 63 and No 1 are part of the same building, except whereas No 63 is a collection of smaller rooms, No 1 is one large room, with endless potential….

It was sometime in 2021 when we decided to have a look around this disused and unloved former betting shop. We explained to the landlady that it would only be possible to take on the rent if we saw a miracle of financial provision. As something of an aside we mentioned that, we do know the author of miracles and so, agreed to be in touch again if we saw that miracle. 

Within one week, and without the church even knowing that No 1 was a possibility, we had received a donation to cover 2 years rent for No 1. God is indeed a God of miracles!

In February 2022, with Change of Use permission in place, we started the renovations. 

We also received a grant from Children in Need which went a long way towards the renovations, and a housing company donated, and fitted a kitchen in the venue. 

We’re still blown away by God’s miraculous provision of this incredible facility which enables us to serve our community in so many ways through weekly Foodbank, Cuppa and Chat, Teapots, Heat and Eat and Youth drop in – and so much more! 

We’re still on a journey of faith and need every penny we can to keep these venues running. If you would like to support us financially, you can do so here.

Number One 
Ferry Street,
Burton upon Trent
DE15 9EU


On street parking on Ferry Street and surrouding roads. Please park considerately!

If you are interested in booking No 1, please get in touch with us here

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