Sixty Three

Back in 2019 we became aware that the disused carpet shop over the road from our Main Street venue was available for rent. We had a look around….and started dreaming.

We began to imagine just how much more we could do both as a church and within the community if we also have the resource of this shop.

Thankfully our trustees have huge faith and so we took the plunge and in September 2019 took on the lease for the ‘old carpet shop’ which we’ve now named Number 63 (because it’s address is 63 Main Street!)

There was loads of work to do on the premises and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone in our church family and beyond who got involved to make 63 a useable space. Then Covid happened.

Thankfully, our lovely caretaker Chris and his wife were able to commit much of their time in 2020 to completely renovating Number 63 – even fitting a donated kitchen to make loads of work space for the various things that we will use the venue for.

In time, we see 63 being an incredible resource. It will be used by the church – for creche facilities and kid’s church as well as providing an awesome space for our young people to meet.

We also see it being used for and by the community. We want it to be a Place of Welcome, where people can find company if they’re lonely, and we’re also delighted that, as a result of the increasing need, we have been able to use Number 63 to provide a Food Help Service to address the issue of food poverty.

We’re so exciting to see the different ways that this venue will be a blessing after the Covid 19 pandemic. But, in the meantime, we’re loving that it’s enabled us to run a Food Help Service.


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